Laura Morett’s Record For Most Votes Cast Against In ‘Survivor’ History Remains Intact

Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

From the moment the merge happened during Survivor 37, the former Goliath tribe gunned after Christian Hubicki hard as they believed him to be the brains behind the David tribe. Week after week his fellow tribe members tried and failed to evict him until they were finally successful during Episode 13 – one week before the season finale.

During the conversation with Jeff Probst before the vote, Christian mentioned that he believed he had become dangerously close to breaking the record for most votes cast against in a single season. A legacy which he agreed was a bit of an honor as it spoke to how much of a threat everyone considered you to be.

As die-hard fans of Survivor know, it is Laura Suzanne Kampstra Morett, a contestant from Survivor: Samoa and Survivor: Blood vs. Water, who currently holds that record with 19 votes cast against her during a single season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the only reason Christian didn’t break Laura’s record is that the tribe split the vote partly because they couldn’t agree on who to vote out and partly because they couldn’t determine who had an immunity idol.

“Honestly, that did cross my mind. Once you lose, you start reflecting on what legacy you might have left in the game. Having a quantifiable record is an easy thing to point to! Mostly though, I was just proud that I was able to dodge as many bullets as I did,” Christian said as he opened up about how it would have been nice to leave with a legacy such as most votes cast against you in a single season. He, however, admittedly was just proud of himself for making it as far as he did in the game.

Entertainment Weekly, however, proceeded to clarify that Laura’s record depends on how you look at it as she was technically voted out twice during Blood vs. Water. Laura also had another legacy that season being the first – and only – castaway to be voted out by a family member that they went into the game playing with.

“Laura is free to maintain her title. Certainly, it is an advantage to padding your vote total if you can come back into the game. However, so is playing on a season with hidden immunity idols,” Christian added to the conversation when asked if he thought it was fair for Laura to claim the record given her unique situation.

Christian argued playing an immunity idol or a hidden power to save yourself from eviction was really no different than Laura getting to come back in the game with a second life and a second chance to win.

The season finale of David vs Goliath airs next week only on CBS.