Anonymous Declares: ‘There Will Be No State Of The Union Address On The Web Tonight’

Anonymous has declared that “there will be no state of the union address on the web tonight.” In a “call to action” post, the group has announced their intention to impede the broadcast of President Obama’s State of the Union address scheduled for this evening.

The group of hackers, referring to themselves as “Anonymous,” has claimed responsibility for several attacks aimed at the US government. Most recently the group took credit for a security breach on the Federal Reserve.

The most recent “threat,” like several others, is in reference to the death of Aaron Swartz. Aaron committed suicide earlier this year, amidst accusations of hacking a database at MIT and downloading 4.8 million documents. As discussed on, he was facing the possibility of 50 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

At the time of his death Swartz was working on a software project called “Victory Kit.” The software was a free, open-source program that would replace more expensive organization software used by activist groups.

Anonymous states that they are acting in honor of Swartz as they protest the National Defense Authorization Act. The group has taken a stand against the act, which they believe violates rights protected by the first ten amendments to the US Constitution.

The call to action posted on states that the President of the United States will not be discussing the NDAA, which they refer to as “outright tyrannical legislation.” They also point out President Obama’s refusal to discuss issues such as “targeted killings of citizens by military drones,” and “warrant-less wiretapping and surveillance of any US citizen without probable cause.”

Anonymous’ call to action further states:

“The President of the United States of America, and the Joint Session of Congress will face an Army tonight.We will form a virtual blockade between Capitol Hill and the Internet … There will be no State of the Union Address on the web tonight. For freedom, for Aaron Swartz, for the Internet … We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, We Do Not forgive, We Do Not forget, Expect Us.”

It is difficult to predict whether the “threat” is serious or if Anonymous is capable of impeding the broadcast. It is doubtful that anyone will know for certain until 9 pm Eastern Time tonight.

[Image via Wikimedia]