Free Divorce On Valentine’s Day: Michigan Lawmaker Holds ‘Romantic’ Contest

What are you getting your special someone for Valentine’s Day? Roses? Chocolates? A divorce? A Michigan attorney is holding a romantic contest this week which will reward the winners with a free divorce for Valentine’s Day.

Attorney Walter H. Bentley III said:

“The winner will be chosen based on the most compelling and convincing story as to why they should be the winner. The divorce is limited to an uncontested divorce with no or minimum child custody issues.”

Bentley said that nearly 500 people have applied. If you’re hoping to give your special someone a divorce you can still register for the contest here.

Bentley said:

“We’re looking for someone truly struggling to move forward. Maybe someone who’s overcome some obstacle —a foreclosure, say. Maybe they’re struggling to make ends meet, and they don’t have enough money for a divorce.”

Bentley said that divorce may not sound like a romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day but said that it would be even worse to spend the day with someone you don’t love.


Bentley said:

“What makes Valentine’s Day even hard for some people that are in that situation that are in a bad marriage and you’re living with the person, and it makes Valentine’s Day a very, very tough day for people — when you’re living with someone you no longer want to be married to.”

According to WGN, a divorce normally costs at least $3000.

What do you think about Bentley’s offer? Can a divorce be the perfect Valentine’s Day present?