Kellyanne Conway Says Using Word ‘Liar’ Towards Trump Is A ‘Slur’ During Heated CNN Interview

Conway appeared on CNN's 'Cuomo Prime Time' with Chris Cuomo on Thursday night.

Kellyanne Conway is interview for television outside at the White House on October 3, 2018.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Conway appeared on CNN's 'Cuomo Prime Time' with Chris Cuomo on Thursday night.

Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN this week, where she got into a heated debate with Chris Cuomo. Conway defended President Donald Trump for his alleged involvement in the hush-money scandal surrounding Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels and, as the Daily Beast reported, claimed that it was a “slur” to call the president a liar.

On Thursday, December 13, the Counselor to the President appeared on the CNN program Cuomo Prime Time with Chris Cuomo. There, she spent what ended up being a tense 40 minutes as the two of them discussed one of the biggest news stories of the week — Trump’s alleged knowledge of, and involvement with, the reportedly illegal hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels. Trump has maintained his innocence, despite being implicated by his former attorney, Michael Cohen, and National Enquirer owner David Pecker.

Conway began the interview immediately taking charge against the news anchor, telling him she had to bring up how he stated things “as if they’re fact” during the show’s introduction.

The argument only escalated from there, as Kellyanne held her position on behalf of Donald Trump — and continued to question Cuomo’s tone as he retorted to the counselor’s points with arguments supporting the allegations against the president.

At one point during the heated exchange, Cuomo tried to explain to Conway that his job was to “test the White House,” and that he wasn’t there to “take shots at you or the president,” to which Conway brought up an instance that night where she claimed he had done just that.

“You took a shot at the president tonight. You called him a slur I’m not going to repeat,” she told Cuomo, who was visibly shocked at the accusation.

When he pressed Kellyanne to clarify, she provided a description of the term she was referring to, telling him that “saying he’s not telling the truth,” most likely citing the term “liar.”

Conway later suggested that the reason Cuomo is criticized for featuring the president’s aides on his show is because he is expected to be “anti-Trump.”

“The reason they get frustrated a lot is they believe you guys don’t answer questions and you spin a lot and you ignore what’s obvious fact,” Cuomo retorted.

Conway fired right back, challenging the news anchor to use the same “slur” towards her that he had used towards the president.

“You gonna call me a liar? Go ahead. You gonna call me a liar?” she asked.

“If I have to, I will,” Cuomo replied. “I don’t want to call you a liar.”