‘Aquaman’ Early Reviews Are Hailing It As One Of The Better DC Films

Tristan FewingsGetty Images

Aquaman hits theaters in one week, and early reviews from critics are getting fans hyped up for the film. The DC Extended Universe film has a lot of weight on its shoulders to help a struggling franchise. DC has only had one success story among critics, with Wonder Woman holding a respectable 93 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Aquaman is currently holding a 72 percent rating.

Screen Rant is reporting that the early reviews for Aquaman are calling it “messy, weird, and lots of fun.” Their own critic Molly Freeman noted how the film is able to stand on its own apart from the DCEU.

“Ultimately, Aquaman is a superhero origin story that separates itself from the rest of the Worlds of DC movies as much as possible – but not in a way that disparages the work of the directors who came before Wan. Instead, Aquaman stands on its own feet in a way that reflects Arthur’s own journey of coming into his own as a superhero, separate from the other heroes of the land.”

Other critics compared it to films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Aquaman is a step toward restoring equilibrium, creating a sprawling undersea world that most closely resembles the Thor franchise in terms of scope, majesty and happily, humor,” Brian Lowry of CNN reviewed.

Unfortunately, for the flick, not all reviews went swimmingly. Rotten reviews tended to revolve around the belief that the film is just a little bit too much.

Aquaman is more seawater than bongwater, unfortunately, but when it gets trippy, it floats within hailing distance of Doctor Strange,” said Joshua Rothkopf of Time Out.

“Take away Momoa’s steady presence, and you’re looking at an overstuffed mess that provides entertainment purely in an OMG-this-is-a-disaster kind of way,” Mara Reinstein of Us Weekly added.

With the horrible reviews of Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League preceding it, Aquaman has a lot to prove to the fans of DC Comics. It’s not just critics who have an issue with DC movies, but the fans as well. Despite bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars, the DCEU is still battling to win over anyone at this point. It’s been quite the struggle for the studio who is regularly compared to the MCU. Marvel films routinely bring in exceptional ratings with a few bombs here and there.

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21. The film stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, and Dolph Lundgren.