Chris Brown And Rihanna: What Were They Smoking?

Chris Brown and Rihanna

COMMENTARY | Chris Brown and Rihanna may have been seen smoking weed after the Grammys.

Could this be why Chris Brown hasn’t been hitting Rihanna since before the Grammys a few years ago?

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s new romance is apparently back on. The couple celebrated Chris Brown’s lack of Grammy wins with a romantic visit to a Hollywood nightclub last night. They were seen smoking what appears to be a cigar, but smaller. According to TMZ, the rumors flying around say it was a joint.

The club they went to was reportedly filled with marijuana smoke.

Despite what the government has been trying to say about marijuana for years, pot doesn’t make you violent. It calms you down.

It could explain Chris Brown’s possible decision to get back together with the “Umbrella” singer. He may be too buzzed to think straight. Maybe what Adele had to say after he snubbed Frank Ocean’s Grammy win made him need to calm down?

Rihanna received her seventh Grammy last night for her “We Found Love” music video, so I’m guessing Chris Brown thinks she’s worth another try if she upstaged him so easily.

Chris Brown was apparently so baked that he forgot he was on probation for what he did to Rihanna before the 2009 Grammys. According to Perez Hilton, he was seen a little after 3 am driving away from the club under the influence.

It could be just regular cigarettes Chris Brown and Rihanna were caught smoking at the club, but the air in the club itself was probably enough to give them a contact high.

Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna were smoking weed after the Grammys?