Collin Gosselin ‘Has The Light Back In His Eyes’ After Jon Is Awarded Custody, Per ‘Us Weekly’

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Collin Gosselin is reportedly doing great now that he’s in the care of his father, Jon, Us Weekly is reporting. Collin, 14, is one of the sextuplets who rose to fame with the reality television show Jon and Kate Plus 8. The show documented then-couple Jon and Kate raising their sextuplets, Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, and Aaden, along with twins Mady and Cara.

Jon and Kate split in 2009 after a decade of marriage, and while the feuding former couple were granted shared physical custody, the eight children primarily lived with Kate — that is, until Collin was placed in a facility to receive inpatient treatment for behavioral issues. Jon decided to fight for sole physical and sole legal custody of the 14-year-old, and was granted it when Kate and her lawyer did now show up in court.

“That’s her,” Jon said of Kate’s absence.”I would never … I would always go to court, no matter what.”

Now, a source is saying that Collin is thriving now that he knows he will soon live with his father.

“He’s happy and he has the light back in his eyes again,” said the source. “He’s in great health.”

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Had a good weekend visit with Collin at home!

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According to People, Collin’s sister, Hannah, is also staying with Jon. As for the other children, Jon says they don’t speak to him. He added that he respects their wishes, as long as they keep in touch with Hannah. In 2o16, Mady confirmed that she was not speaking to him and said that it was “insane” that Jon was acting like Kate was purposely keeping his children from him.

“He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen,” Mady said. She also added that Jon shouldn’t be talking about them as he doesn’t even know who they are anymore. Mady and her twin, Cara, are now 18-years-old, and are able to stay out of the custody drama.

While Collin is still living at the facility and not living with Jon just yet, a source said that he should be living with Jon full-time by Christmas. Jon and Kate reportedly do not communicate at all. Jon has said before that while he understands the public’s wishes for them to be able to co-parent, their volatile relationship is preventing them from doing so.

Jon pursued a career as a DJ following his time on reality television. He says he’s excited to have another male in the house now that Collin will live with him.