Miley Cyrus Says Liam Hemsworth 'Got A Lot Of Action' For Saving Their Pets In The California Wildfires

Miley Cyrus' house burned down in the California wildfires, but she still has her beloved pets thanks to her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, People is reporting. Cyrus was interviewed by Howard Stern on Wednesday, December 12, for the Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM. Hemsworth, who she says is her "kind of, ish" fiance, was able to evacuate her seven dogs, four horses, two pigs, and three cats from their Malibu home. Cyrus said that her already close relationship with Hemsworth is now closer than ever after the ordeal.

"Liam, I've never loved him more for this," she said. "I call him my survival partner now. He thinks it's not romantic, but I learned that it is. It is why you pair up with someone, for survival. He was so incredible — he got all the animals out in his truck. He put two pigs in crates, which I tell you is so hard."

Cyrus went on to detail how Hemsworth had to result to spraying the pigs with a hose and chasing them into a crate. Her cats, on the other hand, were a little more difficult as they are primarily indoor cats and aren't used to the outdoors.

"My cats, they're so stupid," she said. "He tried to get my cats out and he was trying to lead them to the truck because he had the dogs and all these things, and one of the cats started running away. The cats have never really been outside and he started opening the door, trying to get them in and out. The one cat just ran away, and I'm so glad he didn't just say, 'Okay, you don't know what you're running into.'"

Despite losing their home, Cyrus and Hemsworth ended up donating $50,000 to Woolsey fire relief efforts. Cyrus shared that her songwriting book -- which she wrote her song "Malibu" in -- was lost to the fire. She also lost her quirky wig collection and Elvis Presley shrine. Hemsworth was able to grab his laptop and camera, however, so that the couple were able to hold on to photographs they had taken. He knew Cyrus' priority was the animals, however.

"He got a lot of action for saving the animals," said Cyrus.

Cyrus revealed that she and Hemsworth are currently living in Nashville, and that they're nervous to return to Mailbu. She's been busy promoting her new song with Mark Ronson called "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart." They're set to perform the song on the newest episode of Saturday Night Live.