Nancy Pelosi Ridicules Trump's Manhood, Calls Heated Meeting 'A Tinkle Contest With A Skunk,' Reports 'WaPo'

Jonathan Vankin

During a contentious and unexpected televised exchange between Donald Trump and incoming Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the White House Tuesday morning, Pelosi directly confronted Trump over his proposed Mexico "border wall," while Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer and Trump snapped at each other — with Trump even claiming in the closed-door portion of the meeting that Mexico would, as Trump promised on the 2016 campaign trail, somehow pay for the wall's construction, as the Inquisitr reported.

But the public section of the meeting between Trump and the two top congressional Democrats contained some extraordinary scenes, documented in a Washington Post report, including Trump declaring that he would be "proud" to shut down the government if Congress refuses to approve funding for the border wall, Schumer accusing Trump of throwing "a temper tantrum," and the 78-year-old Pelosi scolding the 72-year-old Trump.

"Don't characterize the strength that I bring to this meeting as the leader of the House Democrats who just won a big victory," Pelosi admonished Trump, after Trump had alluded to her recent internal fight with a faction of House Democrats who had attempted to remove her as speaker.

Following the meeting in which the Democrats appeared to get the better of him, "Trump appeared upset after leaving the meeting, flicking a folder and sending its papers flying out," The Los Angeles Times reported.

When she returned to Capitol Hill, according to a separate Post report, she told Democratic leaders in a private meeting that the border wall issue is "like a manhood thing for him."

"I can't explain it to you. It was so wild," Pelosi reportedly said in the meeting with fellow Democrats. "It goes to show you: You get into a tinkle contest with a skunk, you get tinkle all over you."

"The Democrats also needled (Trump) for his party only winning Senate contests last month in reliably red states," The Post reported, in an account of the off-the-cuff public argument, which may be seen in the video above on this page. "They provoked him by highlighting the softening of the economy and the gyrations in the stock market."

Perhaps feeling cornered by the two top Democrats — and as his own Vice President Mike Pence appeared to be nodding off in a chair between Trump and Pelosi, as the Inquisitr reported — Trump suddenly declared that he would take full responsibility for a government shutdown over the border wall fight.

"I am proud to shut down the government for border security," Trump told the two Democrats as the national TV cameras rolled. "I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down."