Al Pacino’s Ex-Lover: ‘He Bored Me’

Diana Becirovic, a former lover of the acting legend Al Pacino, has claimed that the actor is boring and revealed that it forced her to dump him.

The Serbian model dated the actor whilst he was shooting Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather in 1972, in which he played the gangster Michael Corleone.

However, Becirovic, has proclaimed that he wasn’t much fun during this period, stating, “He was always so tense and paranoid. I always thought my role was to make a man feel like a man and his role should be to make me feel like a woman. But I never felt that way with Al. It was boring.”

Pacino would apparently also boss the former Playboy model around, which lead to her stopping their relationship.

Becirovic added, “He started to give me orders and I didn’t want to listen to that. For example, if we were out he used to say, ‘Let’s go straight home,’ and I’d say, ‘You can go by yourself if you want.”

“It’s a pity. Many fans see him like The Godfather, strong and heroic. But I saw him as tense and worried all the time because of his strong ego,” added the Serb.

Pacino will next be seen as Phil Spector for the HBO movie, which has been written and directed by famed screenwriter David Mamet. The film will explore the relationship the legendary record producer had with his defense attorney, Lina Kenney Baden, who will be played by Helen Mirren.

It is set to be aired on March 24 at 9 pm.