Chris Christie Believes Prosecutors Have Evidence On Trump Beyond Michael Cohen

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a one-time staunch supporter of Donald Trump, now believes that special counsel Robert Mueller has evidence on the president beyond what former fixer Michael Cohen has provided. Christie says that the language in the sentencing memo goes further in pointing a finger than past accusations.

The Hill says that Christie appeared on ABC’s This Week to weigh in on the wording of the accusations against the Trump administration.

“The language in the sentencing memo is different from what we’ve heard before. The only thing that would concern me if I was the president’s team this morning about this sentencing memo is the language.”

Christie adds that Mueller’s language sounds quite certain.

“The language sounds very definite. And what I’d be concerned about is, what corroboration do they have?”

The former member of the Trump transition team says that beyond accusations of Russian collusion, the president has even bigger issues with the dirt that Michael Cohen has spilled to Mueller.

“Now the flip-side for the prosecutors is, they’d better have more than one witness on this because if you’re shooting at the president of the United States and the only bullet in your gun is Michael Cohen, well I think that’s a problem.”

Christie told George Stephanopoulos that he believes that Trump and his team are missing the message being sent through the sentencing memos. He says he stands by his assertion that there is no collusion, but that the information shared by Cohen is “much more perilous.”

“There’s no Russia collusion, there’s been no proof of Russia collusion, and I don’t think there’s gonna be. This is the stuff that should be much more concerning to the White House legal team and that language is very very strong and very definitive so the prosecutors better have corroboration.”

The report from Robert Mueller concerning the sentencing of Michael Cohen suggested that the government believes that the former Trump lawyer should serve four to five years behind bars for various crimes and infractions. Cohen admitted that he made money selling access to Donald Trump to corporations and individuals from the time of the election until he was cut off.

“Cohen successfully convinced numerous major corporations to retain him as a ‘consultant’ who could provide unique insights about and access to the new administration. Some of these corporations were then stuck making large up-front or periodic payments to Cohen, even though he provided little or no real services under these contracts. Bank records reflect that Cohen made more than $4 million before the contracts were terminated.”

Cohen has opted for quick sentencing so that he can “get on with his life.”

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