Big Sean: Ariana Grande Donut-Licking Scandal Proves Detroit Rapper Better Off Without Her

Big Sean and Ariana Grande were the power couple for the first half of 2015. Their romantic relationship helped raise both their social profiles as fans of Ariana and Big Sean basked in their every move together.

But all that changed when Big Sean and Ariana Grande broke up in April. And while the reasons behind their split remain speculation. The couple claimed their busy schedules were the cause for the breakup, although many outlets, including the Inquisitr, reported otherwise.

Their breakup sent shockwaves throughout the internet and had many questioning whether or not it would help or hurt their respective careers. At first, Ariana Grande's skyrocketed. She began her headlining Honeymoon Tour, and though she did receive mixed reviews at first, Ari seemed to be coming into her own as the tour progressed.

Billboard, for example, gave Grande glowing remarks on her Madison Square Garden performance in March.

"Grande shined... when standing on a relatively bare stage, belting 'Honeymoon Avenue' into her bejeweled mic and relishing every run with her eyes closed."
Ariana's career continued to rise after the singer posted a scathing criticism on the media's obsession with female artists and a seemingly glaring double standard in how they are covered compared to their male counterparts.

"If a woman is seen with a friend with a penis," Grande wrote, "there is an immediate assumption of romance or sex and she is labeled!! If a man is seen with a woman... his status is elevated."

Her remarks drew nationwide praise, including from fellow female artist Taylor Swift, who gave Ariana props via Twitter.

The world seemed poised for an Ariana Grande takeover. That is, until the now buzzworthy #donutgate, in which the singer was caught on camera licking donuts for sale and criticizing America in the process. Her pseudo-apology was lambasted by critics, forcing the singer to apologize a second time for not apologizing good enough the first time. Brietbart is even reporting that some radio stations in California have pulled her music from their airwaves as a result.

Which leads us back to Big Sean, who, post-Ariana Grande breakup, seems to be in the driver's seat now with a hit album under his belt and zero scandals haunting him. With Ariana fighting off deportation threats from angry Americans, Big Sean can relish in the fact that his ex is now struggling mightily. According to Hollywood Life, he's even joined in on the Ariana Grande bashing himself, calling her actions "immature" and "rude."

Perhaps, in the end, breaking up with Ariana Grande will have been the best thing that could have ever happened to Big Sean's career. Six months ago, that statement would have been ludicrous. Oh, how the narrative can change quickly as it has for Big Sean and Ariana Grande.

[Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images]