December 8, 2018
Mueller Set Hidden Trap For Donald Trump, Says Former Prosecutor

As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team and New York federal prosecutors submitted two filings against Donald Trump's former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen on Friday, accusing the attorney of four crimes, two of which implicate the president. This prompted a number of legal experts to conclude that the Cohen filings could be devastating for Trump.

As Vox reported, Mueller also submitted a sentencing memo accusing former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort of repeatedly lying to the government, even after vowing cooperation. Although arguably not seen as Earth-shattering as the Cohen filings, the Manafort memo reveals that Robert Mueller may have set a hidden trap for Donald Trump.

This was suggested by former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne during an interview on MSNBC's AM Joy broadcast on Saturday, Raw Story reports. After analyzing the Manafort filing, former prosecutor Cynthia Alksne suggested that Robert Mueller may have indeed set a hidden trap for Donald Trump, refusing to reveal all of his cards, and deliberately leaving a monumental hole in the report.

"I believe there's a rather large story here," Alksne said, responding to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' press release which states that the Manafort filing "says nothing about the president." According to Alksne, it is exactly the fact that the document says nothing about Trump that should worry the White House.

By deliberately not referencing Paul Manafort's double-dealing and lobbying on behalf of foreign governments, Mueller may have set a hidden legal trap for Donald Trump, according Alksne.
"What's interesting about it is when did the Mueller people find out? And if they found out in time, did they do anything about it? Since they knew he was feeding information to other people, did they feed him some information that affected Trump's answers to his questions?"
"It's just a big gaping hole here -- and it's fascinating," the former federal prosecutor concluded, implying once again that the "gaping hole" in Mueller's report could, in fact, be a hidden trap meant to ensnare Donald Trump.

It remains unclear how President Trump will avoid falling in Mueller's trap -- if Alksne is right, and if there is indeed a hidden trap in the Manafort report -- but according to the Washington Post, Trump does not exactly plan on changing strategy.

Citing numerous current administration officials, the paper reported earlier today that Trump "has no real plan" to counter Mueller, hopes to "wing it" and "outsmart" the special counsel's office. This is reportedly causing anxiety levels in the Republican Party to rise, as it regroups looking for ways to counter what may soon come.