Camille Kostek Might Be Stronger Than You Think: Watch Her Give Rob Gronkowski A Piggy Back Ride

Camille Kostek is known for her flirty Instagram posts, but her latest video shows her doing what might seem impossible: giving Rob Gronkowski a piggy back ride. The New England Patriots player is 6-foot-6 and weighs 268 pounds, so it's not too surprising that Camille looks like she's struggling under his weight. Fans were both amazed and worried, telling Camille not to drop him since he needs to be in tip-top shape for the next game. Others worried about Kostek's well-being, although it's probably all just overboard considering the two are seen laughing after he gets off her back.

Kostek is pretty active on her social media page, as she keeps fans clued into her day-to-day activities via posts and Instagram Stories. She'll give her fans a shout-out on her Stories, and keeps people guessing about where she's headed next. Her second post is a black-and-white picture of her walking down a street, as she wore some tight pants, heels, and a cropped sweater. The model wore her hair in a high ponytail, and appeared to hold a bag in her right hand. She captioned it, "THANK YOU nyc, NEXT stop #seewhatididthere." People wanted to know, "Where are you headed tho?!" as others said, "Such an inspiration for gals out there.. #DontStopBelieving."

The reason that the fan may have said that Camille is an "inspiration" is because the model has been outspoken about her path to get to where she is now. She's previously talked about how people told her she would "never" walk a catwalk or become successful in the modeling career. Kostek further opened up about this with Sports Illustrated, as she described how she's willing to open up her private life to fans so that they can benefit from her journey.
"Having someone give their two cents on my profile or what they think of me from behind the screen — everything trumps that by doing something like this open call and having this to share with a bigger fan base and getting to know strangers or talking to other young women or women of any age about loving the skin you're in."
Plus, Kostek finds fan interaction as one of the most positive aspects about being a public figure.
"Being an older sister and having been a young woman, it's super cool for these women to reach out and share their insecurities or something that they want advice on and kind of being able to be their inspiration. That's like the most fulfilling thing to ever hear."