Jennifer Aniston Praises George Clooney For His Parenting Skills

Parenting isn't for everyone, but it seems George Clooney is more than up to the challenge -- and his famous friends are taking notice. Actress and longtime friend Jennifer Aniston opened up about seeing the former bachelor in full-blown dad mode, and how impressed she was with his parenting skills.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Aniston stopped by The Ellen Show to promote her new movie. Murder Mystery, which co-stars her friend Adam Sandler, was filmed in Italy by Lake Cuomo. So it was only natural for Aniston to swing by the Clooney's home and pay the whole family a visit.

"It's amazing to see him with children," Aniston said to Ellen. "That's what we talked about that anything can happen."

Clooney shares 1-year-old twins Alexander and Ella with his wife, human rights attorney Amal Clooney. And judging by her reaction, Aniston appeared charmed by the family's dynamic.

"The Clooneys, so sweet," Aniston said in the interview. Clooney and Aniston have been friends for years; he even made an appearance on her show Friends in his iconic role as Dr. Doug Ross from his hit hospital show ER. Through the years, Clooney was a committed bachelor who expressed virtually no interest in marriage or children.

All that changed upon meeting Amal Alamuddin. The two wed in 2014, and in 2017 they welcomed their twins. This was a dramatic change for Clooney after a lifetime of living single, but the actor has maintained his sense of humor about parenting.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor confessed that Halloween was significantly less fun with two small children to contend with and that the results of his evening were not as glamorous as some might imagine.

"Last night they [the twins] were dressed up as rock stars, and I was dressed up as a guy cleaning crap out of a baby's diaper," he said. "It was a fantastic costume. Oh, so much fun. You could imagine the fun I had last night."

Aniston, meanwhile, is currently hard at work on her new film, which should be released on Netflix in 2019. The movie, which is part of Sandler's production deal with Netflix, also stars Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton.

It's not the first time Sandler and Aniston have joined cinematic forces. The two previously starred together in Just Go With It. The film was a box office success but critically panned, earning Sandler two Razzie Awards for Worst Actor and Worst Director.