Jennifer Aniston Hilariously Reveals That Jimmy Kimmel's Daughter Pooped In Her Backyard

On a recent stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jennifer Aniston aired some of her friend's dirty laundry.

It all started when Kimmel and Aniston, who are good friends in real life, were discussing the Friendsgiving that Aniston hosted this year. Jimmy shared that every year, Jen hosts the event the day before actual Thanksgiving and while he was grateful to be invited, he did have a little bit of a bone to pick about it.

"On Thanksgiving, I cook a lot of stuff, the normal turkey, yams or sweet potatoes, you know, the whole deal, but then at your event we had the same thing everyone had the night before again," he said before joking that on Thanksgiving he feels like he's just eating leftovers.

Aniston then told Jimmy that she would make a deal with him and cook different food next year as long as he also held up his end of the bargain.

"Listen, I'll make a deal. If we do this, can we talk about your children not using my backyard as a bathroom?"
Jennifer then told the audience that Jimmy's wife Molly and his sister-in-law Kelly recently made a confession to her about what had happened in her backyard a year prior. Turns out that Jimmy's daughter, Jane Kimmel, took a poop in her backyard "right next to the beautiful pool" on Memorial Day.
Molly explained to Jennifer that she had to ask the bartender Mike for doggie bags to clean up the poop. Apparently, Mike offered to clean up the poop himself thinking it was dog poop, but Molly insisted that she and her sister do it instead.

"And then they asked for three bags. She's healthy!" Aniston quipped.

To end the back-and-forth, Kimmel said that the reason that his daughter was so full of poop was from "all the turkey" she had over the year.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier today, Aniston has been making her press rounds to promote her upcoming Netflix movie titled Dumplin', in which she plays the role of a former pageant queen. When Aniston's plus-sized daughter decides to follow in her mother's footsteps in an attempt to make a point about beauty standards, Aniston's character is none too pleased though Aniston says the story has a "beautiful" message.

And during an appearance on the Ellen Show today, Ellen told the audience that Aniston has a special birthday coming up — the big 5-0. Ellen offered to do a whole entire show dedicated to Jennifer on her birthday before telling the actress that she looks "fantastic." To that, Jennifer said that she credits boxing for helping her look and feel fantastic.

Dumplin' premieres on Netflix tomorrow.