Priyanka Chopra Makes Things Official, Changes Name To ‘Jonas’ On Instagram

That was fast!

While it can take many women many weeks or months to change their names on credit cards, licenses, and other legal documents, social media is usually the easiest first step in the name change process. Fans woke up today and instead of seeing “Priyanka Chopra” on the actress’ Instagram page, they were delighted to see “Priyanka Chopra Jonas” in the bio.

And it seems as though Instagram was the first step in the name change process. Chopra has yet to change her name on either Twitter or Facebook but if things continue to move at the couple’s usual lightning speed, it’s likely only a matter of time. As fans know, things have moved rather quickly for Priyanka and her new husband, Nick Jonas.

Cosmopolitan reports that the pair first sparked dating rumors in February of 2017, when they both attended Vanity Fair‘s Oscars after-party. It was then that Nick first met Priyanka and began texting her. In May of 2017, the pair attended the Met Gala together, but claimed they were just “friends.” Almost a year later, in May of 2018, it was confirmed that the pair was dating and that’s when they both began leaving flirty comments on each other’s social media pages.

Fast forward to this past July, when Nick asked Priyanka for her hand in marriage. Then, as the Inquisitr shared, the pair tied the knot in not one but two wedding ceremonies in India this past weekend. The pair also took part in a pre-wedding ritual called the Sangeet, that was filled with musical acts and laughter.

Since tying the knot, both Nick and Priyanka have been flooding their Instagram pages with both photos and videos from their big day. Not only that, but the couple recently sat down for an interview with People, in which they talked about the magical day that “was literally what dreams were made of.”

“Walking out and seeing him standing at the altar for the first time with the sun behind him was just something out of a fairytale for me,” Chopra dished. “As much as we planned, I could not have planned for how perfect that sky was or how the birds flew when the music started or what the string quartet sounded like or what he looked like. Everything was perfect.”

And Nick felt the same way.

“From the moment I saw her walk out and a million other moments, ‘Wow’ is the only word that came to mind.”

Now that the wedding is over, fans will be keeping an eye out for news of a baby.