Kanye West's Step-Father Bashes Kim Kardashian, Says Couple Wouldn't Be Married If Rapper's Mother Was Alive

Amanda Lynne

Kanye West's step-father, Ulysses Blakeley, is speaking out about the rapper's life -- and his famous wife, Kim Kardashian.

According to a December 4 report by the Daily Mail, Kanye West's former step-father is bashing the mother of his children, Kim Kardashian -- and claims that the couple wouldn't be married today if the rapper's mother, Donda West, was still alive.

Blakeley revealed to the outlet that he lived with Kanye and Donda throughout most of the rapper's childhood in Chicago. he said that if West's mother, Donda, were still alive today -- he doesn't believe that Kanye would have married Kim.

"If Donda was alive he wouldn't be married to Kim Kardashian, because Donda would have exposed the incompatibility of their relationship," he stated.

Blakeley also said he believes West's current rants are due to the fact that he hasn't fully come to terms with the loss of his mother, who died back in November 2007 after a botched cosmetic surgery. Ulysses says that Kanye has no real friends or family members to turn to in tough times, and that he's been confined by the Kardashian family.

"I don't see the Kardashians as emotionally intelligent. Clearly he's not hanging around the south side of Chicago or with any black folk in general," Blakeley added.

In addition, Kim is also trying to figure out how to deal with Kanye's rants and political outbursts, specifically how to handle the fallout from fans and the media when he's been particularly outspoken. Sources claim that the reality star doesn't understand why people are so hateful towards her husband, and that they've even had to increase their security after the rapper's meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House this fall.

The source also claimed that everyone in Kanye's inner circle believes that it is best -- for the time being -- for Kim to try to rein her husband in, and sign off on all of his big decisions in order to do "damage control."

Fans can see more of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's life and relationship as Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs. The show is broadcast on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on the E! network.