Ivanka Trump Shades Melania By Wearing Gabriela Hearst Pantsuit

Amy Feinstein

It's unclear what kind of message Ivanka Trump is trying to send her stepmother, Melania, but social media is finding it to be shady at the very least. The eldest daughter of Donald Trump wore an outfit on an international trip, one drawn up by a designer who has been incredibly vocal about her dislike for the Trump administration -- going so far as to refuse to dress the first lady.

Express points out that Ivanka Trump arrived at the G20 Summit wearing an off-the-shoulder pantsuit by designer Gabriela Hearst, who has publicly stated that she wants to "take down" the Trump administration. Considering that both Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are employed by the Trump administration, this seems an ironic fashion choice.

In 2017, when Melania Trump's team reached out to request clothing from Gabriela Hearst, they were told no. Hearst wouldn't offer the first lady her clothing.

"If they want to wear the clothes, they can buy the clothes."

A White House reporter pointed out that, despite the bad blood, Ivanka still wore Hearst's designs to high-profile events.

"@IvankaTrump is wearing this @gabrielahearst suit. Hearst is a vocal critic of Trump administration policies. Her 2017 collection was actually inspired by female Democrat Senators, including @KamalaHarris @SenDuckworth."

"Before, we were thinking about dressing Hillary, and now it's like, how do we bring Donald Trump down? Women that put their strength and their qualities in the service of others seemed like a good reference to keep us motivated."

Gabriela Hearst isn't the only designer who refuses to dress Melania Trump, but none have been as publicly vocal. President Trump stated that designers which Melania would never wear have said that they won't dress her.

"Tom Ford came out and said he was not dressing Melania. He was never asked. I never liked him or his designs. He's never had something to dress like that [pointing to his wife, who was in the room at the time]."

Going to an event that her father is attending, while wearing designs by a very vocal critic of his policies, is something that W Magazine says is a major fashion -- and political -- faux pas for Ivanka Trump.

Hearst has also worked in collaboration with Planned Parenthood, another group that has often stood at odds with Trump -- and Vice President Pence -- over their federal funding allocation.