Rush Limbaugh Calls George HW Bush Media Tributes 'Phony'

Once again, Rush Limbaugh is speaking his mind on a hot topic.

As family members prepared to lay the late President George H.W. Bush to rest, tributes from fans, celebrities, and family members came pouring in. The elder Bush passed away on Friday, November 30. But not everyone thinks that the tributes are genuine. During an appearance on Fox News Wednesday morning, Rush Limbaugh called out the media, calling their tributes to the 41st President "phony," according to Real Clear Politics.

It all began when Fox News personality Shannon Bream asked Limbaugh why he thought that the media was "fawning" over the elder Bush -- and how it was that he was being called such a "great" and "different" Republican leader in comparison to others. This was after Bream explained that they needed to rework some headlines to "mediate negative reaction to the death of President Bush," and Limbaugh had a strong opinion on the matter.

"Well, it's phony. They never treated him this way when he was president. There were vicious to him, like they are vicious and partisan to every Republican. I think it's just a vehicle for them, Shannon, to be able to contrast what they think Trump is versus the way they are telling us Bush was."
"The thing is that they never treated George W. Bush this way and George H.W. Bush, either one of them this way," he continued. "They had just as much animus for Bush 41 and Bush 43 as they do Trump, for different reasons."
The outspoken radio commentator went on to say that the media's current agenda is to get rid of President Donald Trump -- and that they will do anything that they can to drive down the public's opinion of him. The 67-year-old also claimed that members of the media has a "made up image" of George H.W. Bush, and basically -- by playing up what a good Republican president the elder Bush was -- they're aiming to make Trump look worse to the public.

To end his commentary, Limbaugh said that the nice things which people are saying about the late 41st president are all true -- including the class, dignity, and sophistication that he presented -- but that the media had never genuinely portrayed him that way when he was actually president, and that's why he's making a big deal out of it.

George H.W. Bush's state funeral was held Wednesday at the Washington National Cathedral, where son George W. Bush gave a eulogy. Following the service, Air Force One flew the 41st president's body to Texas for another private funeral. He was then buried next to his wife, Barbara, and daughter, Robin, on the grounds of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.