Christopher Dorner LAPD Training Video Released [Watch]

While the Christopher Dorner manifesto is receiving the most publicity, footage showing Dorner training in 2005 as a cadet at the Los Angeles police academy has now emerged.

Police across Southern California have formed a massive manhunt for the former LAPD cop who is accused of killing three persons. Dorner currently has a $1 million bounty on his head and is believed to be hiding in the wilderness of California’s snow-capped San Bernardino mountains, roughly 80 miles east of Los Angeles.

The footage (see below) was filmed by another man who clams to have spent months with Dorner at the police training facility but who does not wish to be identified for obvious reasons. The filmmaker noted that Dorner is an expert with weapons and that “he knows what he’s doing” and “definitely dangerous.” The video shows Dorner as a very physically powerful man carrying a 300-pound dummy with ease, although the LAPD drill instructors supposedly picked on him during training because of his weight, the man claims. Dorner was fired by the LAPD in 2008.

Former FBI agent Brad Garrett told ABC News that Dorner’s knowledge and skills as a result of his police training makes him a potent adversary:

“He knows how to move around and is very familiar with how to use firearms. And knowing how the LAPD and other departments search for suspects, he will certainly avoid the logical places where police would look, like prior homes or locations that he used. He would also get rid of any electronics that might be used to track him.”

ABC added that “up and down the California coast, officers are being warned that they face a skilled and dangerous enemy.”

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