THC University Opens In Denver: Pot Growing Classes Are Now Being Held

Tara Dodrill

THC University in Denver is now offering classes on how to properly grow marijuana. The passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado paved the way for legal weed growing courses. The landmark legislation decriminalized recreational marijuana use.

Although the recreational pot usage logistics have not yet been sorted out, the THC University is up and running. Only licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are currently able to dispense cannabis products in Colorado, Huffington Post notes.

By the time the first round of THC University marijuana growing students complete the course, the recreational pot framework might be in place. The first marijuana cultivation class was offered during the past weekend. Despite all of the "higher education" jokes, the instructors take their task very seriously.

The first THC University course was sold out, according to the Denver Post. Growing Marijuana 101 boasted more than 20 students. The class is held on the Auraria Campus in the Tivoli Student Union. The THC University is not formally affiliated with the college and is not actually an accredited university.

An excerpt from the Colorado marijuana growing class mission statement reads:

"We believe there's never been a better time to learn how to cultivate and care for your own marijuana plants than now. The passing of Amendment 64 allows you to legally possess and grow up to six marijuana plants in the state of Colorado, making marijuana cultivation a legal, rewarding, and cost effective way of producing marijuana for your own medicinal or recreational uses."

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