‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian And Alexis Drift Further Apart In The Midst Of Griffin’s Case

Craig SjodinABC Press

Just when General Hospital fans saw a glimmer of hope that Julian and Alexis may just be getting closer to reconciling, something comes along to tear them apart once again. The most recent quandary between them has to do with Kiki Jerome’s murder last week. Julian’s niece was brutally killed and he is beside himself with grief.

Julian was with Alexis at Charlie’s Pub when he got the news that Kiki was dead. He leaned on her and it looked like this terrible tragedy might have drawn them closer than they have been in a long time. She went with him to the PCPD to get more details on what happened. But then it took a turn for the worse. Julian has already lashed out and General Hospital spoilers for the coming week from SheKnows Soaps reports that he will be even more irate.

The former mobster is convinced that Griffin is the one who killed Kiki. Griffin has been arrested as the real killer, Ryan Chamberlain, planted some evidence to make it look like he did the deed. Now Julian believes that he did it but if he was thinking straight, he would know that Griffin wouldn’t have any reason to hurt Kiki.

Unfortunately, Julian is also lashing out at Alexis because she is standing by Griffin Munro. She believes that someone framed him and is taking his case. That has Julian infuriated with her. Could this be the nail in the coffin for Julexis? He could very well do something stupid, just like his sister Ava who has a gun pointed at Griffin as he sits there in handcuffs, as seen on Friday’s cliffhanger. The brother and sister duo have a history of payback, especially now that they are both grieving their loss.

Once Griffin is cleared of the murder charges, Julian may just realize how unreasonable he has been. Julexis fans are hoping for that reunion soon, but there are certainly no guarantees that will happen. Social media was lighting up when the twosome grabbed hands as Alexis was comforting Julian. That spark between them is still there. But will the GH writers let their fire burn even stronger eventually?

It will be interesting to see what Julian and Ava will do when it is revealed that Ryan killed Kiki. He has been consoling Ava knowing that he is the one who has caused her grief in the first place. General Hospital continues this week as the news of Kiki’s death will spread throughout Port Charles.