Viral Video Shows Trump Pleading ‘Get Me Out Of Here,’ As He Wanders Off Stage, Abandoning Argentine President

In a G20 summit that has been filled with strange and awkward moments for Donald Trump, as Inquisitr reported, perhaps the most puzzling incident occurred on Saturday when Trump joined Mauricio Macri, president of host country Argentina, on stage for a photo opportunity — and then immediately wandered away.

In a viral video of the uncomfortable moment, as Trump wanders off camera at the right of the stage, with an aide crossing from the left side in front of a befuddled Macri to catch him, Trump can be clearly heard telling the aide, “Get me out of here,” as the Independent newspaper reported. Members of the audience, identified by the Independent as journalists, can also be heard laughing with amusement, or perhaps disbelief, as Trump wanders away and Macri desperately gestures for him to come back.

Trump and Macri were supposed to join other world leaders on the Buenos Aires stage for a collective group photo representing the G20 countries. Aides were able to persuade Trump to turn around and rejoin Macri on the stage where he was able to stand still long enough for the other 18 leaders to join in and pose for photographs, such as the photo seen above on this page. Trump can be identified by his bright red tie. Macri stands two places to Trump’s left, between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The viral video of Trump’s awkward “wandering off” moment can be seen below. At the 0:16 mark, with Trump offstage, he can be heard telling aides, “Get me out of here.”

The incident in Argentina was not the first time that Trump has wandered off from from somewhere he was supposed to be, without explanation, as the Huffington Post noted.

During an office visit to Israel in May of 2017, Trump posed for a photo opportunity with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But when the two rose to shake hands for the assembled cameras, Trump turned and wandered off instead, leaving Netanyahu puzzled. Moments later, Trump returned to complete the handshake. Video of that incident may be seen below.

In July of 2017, as seen in the video below, Trump delivered a speech in Poland and as a band played off-camera, Trump simply wandered around the podium, apparently unsure what he was doing or where he should go.

In yet another “wandering away” incident, in October 2017 as CNN reported, Trump was scheduled to sign an executive order before an audience and TV cameras in the oval office.

But as seen in the above video, after announcing, “We will have great health care in this country,” Trump simply wanders away without signing the document.

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