Trump On Tenterhooks Following Cohen Plea: ‘Trump Was Totally Caught Off Guard’

Daniel JayoGetty Images

In an exclusive report by Vanity Fair White House correspondent Gabriel Sherman, it was revealed that Trump has been caught totally off guard by former personal attorney Michael Cohen’s stunning admission that he lied to the Congress under oath. The fear in the Trump camp is that special counsel Robert Mueller has set a trap for the president by first getting answers from him which matched Cohen’s responses in relation to Trump Tower Moscow, and then revealing that his former lawyer had indeed been lying to the Congress about it.

“Trump was totally caught off guard by the Cohen plea,” a source told the journalist.

As reported, the responses coming from the Trump camp since it was revealed that Cohen had lied to the Congress, and subsequently signed a new plea agreement with Mueller’s team, have been erratic — betraying a sense of surprise by the turn of events. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was quick to label Cohen a “proven liar,” but soon after Trump called his former attorney “weak” and accused him of “making a story” at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Giuliani changed tactics and once again seemed to insinuate that there was nothing wrong with Trump having given answers to Mueller which matched Cohen’s.

“The Cohen news is very bad,” one former White House staffer said, before expressing surprise at the fact that Trump would publicly denounce Cohen’s answers as being lies — considering his own responses have been reported to match them.

In fact, the consternation in the Trump camp ahead of Cohen’s admission that he lied to Congress would indicate that there was fear brewing already in the White House. After Trump’s team, led by Giuliani, had delivered the answers taken under oath by the president, Giuliani was reportedly very angry at the way Robert Mueller’s office had started to stonewall them.

“Rudy is extremely frustrated,” a friend close to Giuliani had said at the time

“He thinks Mueller is acting like some junior U.S. attorney who’s got his panties in a wad and doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Now the major fear within the Trump camp is that the next indictment might be coming soon. And who might be the one who would be indicted?

“Don’s been telling people he’s very worried after today,” a source told Sherman, referring to Donald, Jr., who might not have been expecting things to go downhill so rapidly.