US Diplomat Ridicules Trump: ‘I Don’t Think People Are Taking Him Seriously’

Win McNameeGetty Images

Former United States ambassador Christopher Hill ridiculed President Donald Trump in an MSNBC interview broadcast Friday, claiming that world leaders gathered at the G20 summit in Argentina are not taking the president seriously, Raw Story reports. “I don’t think people are taking him seriously right now, and I think this is the real problem moving forward,” Hill said.

As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, Trump vowed that his G20 trip will be productive despite downgrading and canceling a slew of meetings. The president decided to downgrade meetings with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in to whom he will talk on the sidelines of the summit, instead of having formal conversation. Trump was also spotted looking over at Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with the brutal leader warmly smiling at the president.

For Christopher Hill, however, President Trump’s behavior at the ongoing G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, appears to be merely the tip of the iceberg of what he described as the “diminishing” of the American presidency. Hill suggested that Trump may be an unfit leader, having found himself the target of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference. According to Hill, Trump is unable to tackle the issues at hand — his former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen’s flipping, Mueller’s Russia probe, and losing control of Congress — because he doesn’t understand them, and because he is not fit for the job.

“I think what we’re really seeing is a much diminished American presidency. It’s a sense that this is a president who simply has never mastered his brief. He doesn’t seem to understand these issues.”

“All he can do is continue to be a disrupter. The world, they don’t believe anything he says,” former United States ambassador Christopher Hill told MSNBC, slamming Trump for inappropriate behavior at the summit. But for President Trump this is not the first time to attract criticism over unorthodox behavior at bilateral meetings. Following the 2017 G20 summit, the Financial Times observed that a company “would have replaced a CEO with behaviour as erratic as that of the president,” citing Trump’s refusal to conform to international diplomatic norms, and criticizing the president for rejecting “the concept of global community.”

Many have criticized President Trump over the years, accusing him of degrading the presidency. But Washington Post opinion writer Paul Waldman went a step further in a March op-ed, accusing Donald Trump of “degrading the very idea of public service.” Similarly, The Guardian wrote that Trump is degrading the presidency through “shameless self-dealing.”