Kylie Jenner Shows Off Baby Stormi’s Personal Hotel Room In Latest Tour Vlog

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Baby Stormi is already living life to the fullest. Kylie Jenner recently shared a video that provides a glimpse at what life is like for her and Stormi on the Astroworld Tour with Travis Scott.

The vlog, which Jenner shared on YouTube, shows that the 9-month-old gets her own room when on tour with her famous parents, E! Online reports. The private room ensures that the infant has a quiet space where she can nap away from the noise and excitement that comes with being on tour, the report continues. The seven-minute video shows that Stormi’s room has her own pink walker, a TV, which she watches her dad on, and a lot of people to hand her toys.

“Her dad gets Stormi — not me, Stormi — her own room at every venue, so this is your room, girl,” she tells her daughter. “We don’t let her out because of how loud it is back there, so she usually stays backstage and watches until her bedtime. She’ll watch on the TV.”

Stormi isn’t even 1-year-old yet, but she is already a little pop star wherever she goes. In the clip, Jenner also shares the saga of getting Stormi from venue to venue during the tour, as well as the extravagant amount of attention the baby receives everywhere she goes, according to E! Online.

At the start of the video, Jenner shares that she asks the paparazzi not to take photos of her daughter while her security team gets Stormi settled in the car, a request that largely goes ignored.

“I like to get Stormi put in the car with my security first and ask them, the paparazzi, nicely to not take any pictures of her,” the 21-year-old reality star explains before heading into the car herself. “So they’re putting her in the car, I think they took some pictures. I just saw some flashes, so we’ll see. But we’re about to head to the venue.”

Once inside the venue, Jenner excitedly tells Stormi that they are going to go see Dada, which causes the baby to clap and say aloud, “Dada!”

The clip also shows how much Stormi has grown since Jenner announced her birth in February. When greeting her father and getting some smooches from him, she thanks by showing off her new skill: She can now stand on her own, an action that prompts her mother to react by advising her, “Don’t grow up!”

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