Pizza Hut Perfume Arrives In Time For Valentine’s Day

Are you looking to do something special for your loved on on Valentine’s Day? How about some Pizza Hut perfume?

Yep, Pizza Hut will be making its new perfume available in the United States in order to give pizza lovers the perfect Valentine’s Day.

According to the Huffington Post, the perfume will only be available in limited quantities in the United States. The company will be giving out 24 bottles of Pizza Hut perfume per day until February 13th.

Pizza Hut debuted its perfume line in Canada last year but this will be the first time that it’s available in the United States.

Kurt Kane, CMO of Pizza Hut, said: “Eau de Pizza Hut is one of the most sought-after and rarest of scents available.”

If you want to get your hands on some pizza perfume you’ll have to get on Twitter. Pizza Hut is asking people to tweet #LastMinuteLovers to @PizzaHut for a chance to win one of the coveted fragrance bottles.

Pizza Hut will also give $20 gift cards along with the perfume bottles. That’s right, Pizza Hut is going to cover your Valentine’s Day meal.

The restaurant is no stranger to romance. Last year, Pizza Hut offered a $10,100 engagement day party as part of their Valentine’s Day promotion..

Do you think your loved one will appreciate a bottle of pizza hut perfume?