Heather Locklear’s Bizarre Psychiatric Hold Detailed, Actress Reportedly Spoke In ‘Evil Voices,’ Per ‘Radar’

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Over the weekend, Heather Locklear made headlines when she was hospitalized following a psychiatric meltdown on November 18. At the time, it was reported that the famed actress was placed on an involuntary 5150 hold — after law enforcement arrived to find her belligerently drunk and half-naked in the driveway of her home. Now, more details about the bizarre incident have been revealed.

According to In Touch magazine, an insider has shared details about the hours leading up to Heather Locklear’s meltdown. It has been reported that Heather had locked herself inside of her room with her dog. When a friend arrived, the former Melrose Place actress reportedly reeked of alcohol. The person immediately left to seek help. By the time Heather’s friend returned, she’d emerged from her bedroom and was standing outside “wearing nothing but a thong and tank top freaking out about everyone leaving,” according to the report.

Once Heather Locklear was taken back into the house, her friends were able to calm her down — but the peaceful moments were short-lived. “They finally got her into bed, but shortly after, she woke up screaming, ‘Help me!'” the insider claimed.

The insider also detailed Heather Locklear’s bizarre behavior at the time, claiming that she allegedly spoke in evil voices, reports Radar Online. Based on the insider’s claims, there is also speculation of Heather Locklear suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

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“The evil things she says…she’s saying crazier and crazier stuff,” the insider alleged. “Some people think she has different personalities. Her face changes — she is the bada**, then talks like a baby, then she says how smart and brilliant she is, then she’s a sex goddess, and then talks about how rich she is and she’s worth $10 million. Also, she talks about how much she loves God and wants to go ‘home,’ meaning she wants to die.”

At that point, her friends opted to call the police. By the time officers arrived, Heather Locklear was back outside of the home. When she allegedly became combative with the officers, she was handcuffed and transported to Los Robles Regional Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California, where she was placed on involuntary hold. Heather Locklear was later transferred to the Villa Treatment Center in Woodland Hills.

While Heather Locklear has battled alcohol abuse for quite some time, her close friends and family members now speculate that her problems may be far worse than just alcoholism. With this latest disturbing occurrence, there is now speculation of some form of mental illness. “It’s beyond drugs and alcohol at this point. Friends think she has a mental illness. She threatens suicide, but the bigger worry is killing someone else.”

No further details have been released about Heather Locklear’s hospitalization, or her recovery.