Sommer Ray Shares Pic Of Her Birthmark Which She Claims Is Often Mistaken For A Disease

Rich Polk / StringerGetty Images

Sommer Ray, Instagram model, shared a portrait of herself on her page. She opened up to her fans about her birthmark, describing how people have often mistaken it for a disease.

“My whole life I’ve always gotten ‘what’s on your hand’ and people often make up skin diseases they think I have lol but no it’s just a birthmark and I’ve grown to love it. I love all my flaws, that’s what makes me, me”

And although the portrait doesn’t necessarily make the birthmark a focal point, it’s possible to see it on the side of her left hand. The model looked a little different than usual in the portrait because she wore her hair back in such a way that it almost looked like she had a short haircut. Sommer wore dark eye makeup, and accessorized with rings. Her black shirt blended into the dark background, which accentuated her face.

Many of Sommer’s 19.4 million fans left comments, with fans telling her how much they love her for who she is. Others thanked Ray for inspiring them to love themselves the way she does. All in all, it looks like the post has had a positive effect on her fans.

A couple of years ago, Sommer also shared her other birthmark with fans. It’s on her left arm, and Ray shared a smiling selfie while wearing a gray tank top. However, that post didn’t reveal her hand birthmark, and it doesn’t appear that she’s talked about it before.

Ray’s been in the public eye since she was very young, so sharing these birthmarks with her fans is likely a big deal to her. For example, she started competing in bodybuilding competitions at 14-years-old, according to Life & Style Weekly.

“The first show I ever did was with my mom, we competed in NPC [bikini competition]. Actually, Colorado made a teen division because of me. People from my town didn’t understand it, they were like ‘what the hell is she doing?’ No one understood. Let’s face it, when girls are 16, 17, 18, they wanted to party or hang with boys, but now it’s a big thing. I like to think I’m helping the world because you can’t party, you can’t drink when you’re competing.”

Sommer would later go on to quit bodybuilding and focus on her Instagram page, which turned out to be a great decision for her. Plus, the model has launched a clothing line which appears to be taking off.