‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin’s Anxious About Kiki, Stella Opens Up, And Oscar Reveals A Decision

Craig SjodinABC

All signs point toward Tuesday being a wild episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that viewers will be feeling worried for Kiki’s safety, and Griffin will become increasingly worried too. Oscar is ready to reveal a big decision to Kim and Drew — while Stella has interrupted Curtis and Jordan’s wedding, and has something to say.

Josslyn finally knows the truth about Oscar’s illness, and she insisted that he needed to reconsider the clinical trial. Viewers watched on Monday as Oscar showed up to talk with Kim and Drew, and General Hospital spoilers — via the preview shared on Twitter — hint that he’ll have a serious discussion with them. Will he now be open to the clinical trial after all, thanks to Josslyn’s pleas?

General Hospital spoilers note that Josslyn will open up to Carly about all she has learned, and Carly will do her best to support her daughter. However, Carly will also encourage Joss to respect that Oscar needs to decide for himself what to do next. In addition, Kim will tear into Julian over the Oscar saga.

Stella arrived at the church and interrupted Curtis and Jordan’s wedding, and General Hospital spoilers note that she will insist she has something to say. Obviously, many will worry that Stella will talk about her ongoing distaste for Jordan — and beg Curtis not to go through with the wedding.


However, given recent heartfelt moments she has experienced, it seems likely that Stella will admit she has been too harsh on Jordan — and wish the couple well. All signs point toward Jordan and Curtis successfully tying the knot, but they may not have much newlywed downtime before they’re pulled into a big investigation.

Viewers will be anxious to see what comes next with Kiki, Ryan, and Griffin. At the end of Monday’s show, Ryan showed up at Kiki’s place after Ava had talked about not being able to live in the same town as her daughter. As the Inquisitr detailed, there has been a lot of speculation that Ryan will kill Kiki — and there have been rumors that actress Hayley Erin will be leaving the show to focus on her new series The Perfectionists.

It sounds as if fans may be left hanging throughout Tuesday’s show regarding what happens with Kiki. However, General Hospital spoilers share that Griffin will become increasingly worried about where she is, and he’ll head to the apartment to check on her.

Griffin may simply find that Kiki isn’t at the apartment, though. SheKnows Soaps details that he’ll get bad news during Thursday’s show, which could be about Kiki. However, it could turn out that all of this speculation about Ryan killing Kiki is wrong — and that Griffin’s bad news is related to his hopes about being reinstated at work.

Tuesday’s episode is also slated to bring a close moment between Peter and Maxie, along with a heartfelt mother-and-daughter chat between Laura and Lulu. Fans will also watch Nina scrambling, and this is probably connected to the chaos at the wedding.

Is Kiki really about to die at Ryan’s hands? Will Oscar accept trying the clinical trial in order to make Josslyn — and his parents — happy? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s a wild roller coaster ride on the way, and fans are anxious to see what comes next.