Anna Kendrick Suddenly Remembers That She Was In ‘Twilight’

The Twilight saga was one of the most successful movie franchises of the new millennium. Based on Stephenie Meyer’s popular series of novels that helped kick off the vampire craze, the Twilight franchise consisted of five movies, adapted from the four books, between 2008 and 2012.

The movies, which came out in November for five consecutive years, were all hits and earned a total box office of over $3 billion, despite mostly indifferent reactions from film critics. They also made stars of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, leading to a huge amount of tabloid intrigue about their relationship at the time.

One of the stranger aspects of the Twilight franchise was that Anna Kendrick had a small role in the first film as Bella’s friend and classmate Jessica Stanley. And even as Kendrick’s career as an actress began to take off, she continued to return to that small role in all of the Twilight films except for the last one. Kendrick, apparently, thinks that’s strange too.

“Holy [expletive],” Kendrick wrote on her Twitter account Monday. “I just remembered I was in Twilight.

Kendrick has over 7 million Twitter followers; the tweet had been retweeted over 122,000 times and liked over 846,000 times as of Tuesday morning. A lot of Twilight fans also replied with their favorite quotes and moments from the Jessica character.

Anna Kendrick was still a relatively unknown young actress when she was cast in the first Twilight, which came out when she was 23-years-old. But her career took over not long after, most notably with her acclaimed, Oscar-nominated performance in Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air in 2009. She would get her most famous role in Pitch Perfect in 2012, the year after her final Twilight appearance.

In her 2016 memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody, Kendrick discussed the importance of Twilight to her early career. According to a review in Vulture, Kendrick mostly supported herself with the Twilight paychecks, while working in lesser-paid independent movies the rest of the time.

“None of the other filmmakers I worked with during those years had ever seen Twilight,” Kendrick wrote in her book. “But the series kept me in room and board while I did their movies for no money. It was like the world’s most ridiculous day job.”

Kendrick isn’t the only Twilight star to have success after those movies. Both Stewart and Pattinson have in recent years become respected actors in indie films, although Taylor Lautner has worked less consistently.

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