Senior Citizen Chokes Out Young Man During Vikings Vs. Packers Game [Video]

As was to be expected given the competitive nature of Minnesota and Green Bay’s NFC North rivalry, tempers flared among pockets of fans spread about US Bank Stadium on Sunday night, November 25. With both the underachieving Vikings’ and the middling Packers’ playoff ambitions on the line, there was sure to be confrontation between fans during the Week 12 match-up, and sure enough, there was. One particular dust-up even saw a cross-generational dispute end with the less experienced of the two locked up in the grasp of his elder.

In a video that has gone viral since being published by Barstool Sports, a grey-haired man who appears to be aged within the range of senior citizenship is seen arguing with some guy who can surely be his grandson. Judging by the reaction of some of those who witnessed as the 20-something-year-old was basically assaulted, however, it becomes clear in the recording that the two had legitimately become embroiled in a physical altercation of the old man’s making.

The clip starts out with the flannel-wearing senior crowding over the Packers fan, who is seen wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey amidst a sea of Vikings purple. “You’re taking away from me. You can yell and scream all you want, but don’t do that ‘Yey,'” the footage, which was later shared by the NY Daily News, captures him saying as he scolds his counterpart. The young man then seemingly spites the aggressor by again hollering the sound he was warned not to make. It was at that point that the elder gentleman wraps him up in a choke-hold and violently yanks him out of his seat.

“Get them both out of here,” one onlooker can be heard saying in response to the disgraceful display. “I’ll call security right now and have you thrown out. Leave him alone,” another witness then interjects to say. “You can’t touch him,” she then adds.

Almost immediately after the engagement was broken up, the older man’s attention is drawn back to the field as a crowd-stirring play takes shape to bring the stadium to cheers. Meanwhile, the victim continued to cough as he regained his breath. There have been no reports of stadium security or local police getting involved in the matter.

Minnesota fans would wind up heading home content in knowing that with the 24-17 victory, their team kept chances alive for them to either knock the Chicago Bears out of the division lead, or claim a wild card spot in the postseason, per ESPN. Thus, it isn’t all that likely that the young man in the video had to face further intimidation for sporting Green Bay gear. But he might be dealing with folks hitting him up to bust his chops after coming upon the video.