Now this is real broadband speed – Hot Damn!

Up until today the faster broadband speed you could get in the US was courtesy of Cablevision in Long Island, N.Y. which clocked in at 100 Mbps and cost you $99.00 per month for the privilege.

Now however that figure and price has been upstaged by iFiber Communications a privately owned ISP that services Ephrata, Washington. For $44.95 per month you can now get 114.49 Mbps and if you toss in phone and TV service the prices goes up to $114.00.


So just for yucks I decided to check out how Canada and my home province of Ontario stacked up against this. First up the national outlook speed wise


Not looking so good ranking wise compared to lucky Ephrata but how about Ontario – just how much does is suck in comparison?


Well it’s quite obvious – we’re nowhere even close. I would also like to point out that the ISP I have, Bell Canada, which is a national provider doesn’t even show up on any of the lists.

If I was younger and less cranky I seriously think about moving. It is 114 Mbps after all.

I really should give him a smack instead of a hat tip but thanks Brier Dudley for ruining my day.