Heather Locklear’s Psychiatric Hold Extended For ‘Further Evaluation’ Per ‘TMZ’

Chelsea LaurenGetty Images

Turns out, Heather Locklear will be placed in a psychiatric hold for longer than most had anticipated.

According to TMZ, the troubled actress will remain under the care of professionals for what could be up to two weeks. Originally, Locklear was supposed to be held for just three days — but doctors caring for her have found it in her best interest for her to stay longer. She will receive additional treatment beyond the mandatory initial time frame.

Sources close to Locklear do not believe that Heather will stay for a full two weeks, but following this stint, Locklear is expected to be treated at another long-term facility. The same source says that Heather would prefer to remain at home — as opposed to a facility — and the decision is up to her at the end of the day.

As the Inquisitr shared last week, Locklear has once again been put on an involuntary psychiatric hold at the request of her therapist.

“Heather was at her home Sunday afternoon when her therapist and lawyer realized she desperately needed help. Someone called 911 and EMTs arrived, and Heather was taken to a hospital,” a source shared at the time.

It is unclear if drugs or alcohol played a role in Locklear’s most recent episode. In the past, both have played a role in the Melrose Place star’s need for rehabilitative treatment.

Another report from the Inquisitr shares that Locklear’s most recent problems stemmed from yet another fight with longtime boyfriend Chris Heisser. She was placed on a hold on November 18, and many people close to the troubled actress believe that it is in her best interest to stay at rehab over the holidays.

“She obviously needs more help, so she will obviously be held through Thanksgiving. She’s not going to leave for a while. Her last stint was for 90 days and everyone wants her to get better, no matter how long it takes, where she’s not a risk to herself or anyone else.”

Additionally, Locklear is still in trouble after assaulting both a police officer and a paramedic who were called to her home after a disturbance back in June. Since all of the drama has gone down, Locklear has remained relatively quiet over her struggles — but did share a post on Instagram back in September.

“Addiction is ferocious and will try to take you down,” she wrote. “Recovery is the best revenge. Be kind to everyone you meet, your light just might change their path. Rest in peace beautiful Josh. You touched my (heart).”

Hopefully Heather can get the help she needs.