WWE News: Hall Of Famer Rips WWE For How They’ve Handled Tag Teams Called Up From NXT

There have been a number of superstars who have had incredible runs in NXT, but they end up fizzling out as soon as they hit WWE’s main roster. Sadly, the majority of those that fizzle out end up being tag teams and such has been the case with teams like The Revival and SAnitY over the last couple of years. It isn’t so much that they end up souring on their own, but WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal believes WWE is simply misusing them.

Some teams coming up from NXT have had good runs and were successful, but others have just become lost in the shuffle.

One of those teams has been The Revival which has had to deal with a couple of injuries which ended up bringing a halt to their pushes at times. While they have been involved in the Raw Tag Team Championship picture a few times, they have often been used as comedy filler.

Many have seen the problems with teams like The Revival and SAnity, and some of those include past superstars. Animal is a half of one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history as the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, and he is of the belief that WWE needs to do better.

Hawk and Animal wrestled as the Road Warriors around the world before transitioning into the Legion of Doom in WWF/WWE. The two superstars had great success everywhere they went and Animal knows a lot about the wrestling business.

That’s why he held nothing back when speaking with Chair Shots to the Cranium about a number of topics. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Animal is not happy with how teams like The Revival and the Authors of Pain have been treated on Monday Night Raw.

“Well, what you see is they have a habit of doing with tag team wrestling today, they don’t establish who the top dog tag team is and they don’t ever establish who the heel team is. Everyone can’t be equal. That’s not life, that’s not reality, that’s not tag team wrestling. They started off with The Revival being strong and now they kill them.

“The Authors of Pain, yes they just beat one guy, Seth Rollins, to become tag team champions, but, what have they done before that? They’ve gotten beat! You can’t keep beating teams and then have them get a token win every now and then. You have to establish who’s the dominant guys. There is no team that stands out as being the dominant team today. That’s the problem.”

The Authors of Pain are sitting on top of the Raw tag team division right now, but they did only have to beat one superstar to take the belts. Most recently, they lost a non-title match to the team of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable.

If there is anyone who knows a lot about tag team wrestling, it is one half of the Road Warriors. Animal isn’t afraid to speak his mind and he’s only speaking out here because he wants to see tag teams treated better in WWE. Teams like the Authors of Pain and The Revival ran wild through NXT with great success and a lot of popularity, but like many others, they have fallen into limbo upon hitting the main roster.

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