Donald Trump Chastises Mexico And Central America By Suggesting They ‘Dump’ Their Unwanted People In The US

John Moore Getty Images

In a new tweet on Sunday, Donald Trump severely reprimanded Mexico and Central America by suggesting that they “dump” all of their own unwanted people and actively allow them to travel to the United States.

As the Washington Post reports, Trump stated that Mexico continually fails to stop and apprehend caravans that are heading to the United States border and suggested that they would be wise to get control of their own people, along with citizens of other countries who are using Mexico as a way to migrate to the United States. The president further noted that Democrats are largely to blame for the immigration problems that America is currently facing right now, especially with regard to the southern border.

“Would be very SMART if Mexico would stop the Caravans long before they get to our Southern Border, or if originating countries would not let them form (it is a way they get certain people out of their country and dump in U.S. No longer. Dems created this problem. No crossings!”

Donald Trump’s comments on Sunday have come hot on the heels of 10,000 people from Central America traveling to the United States to seek economic asylum, with commentator Michelle Malkin asserting that these Central American caravans are a “systematic and planned abuse of our asylum system,” and something which Mexico is willingly allowing to happen.

As Malkin further elaborated, in her opinion Donald Trump is completely correct in believing that Mexico is complicit in allowing its own people, along with those from Central America, to continue in caravans across the country when the Mexican government is well aware that these people will be seeking asylum in the United States.

“President Trump is absolutely right that it begins at the point of origin and that all along the way, all the governments that are helping facilitate it by not drawing a line in the sand in their own country are culpable as well.”

On Saturday, Trump tweeted that migrants currently heading to the southern border will not be allowed into the United States until the claims that they are filing are each approved by courts. He further noted that the United States has a strict policy of catching and detaining, and that there will be no “releasing” of these people into the United States. Rather, they will be released in Mexico.

Donald Trump also claimed that if need be, authorities will be shutting down the southern border completely to get a grip on the situation and the migrant caravans. As the president stated, “There is no way that the United States will, after decades of abuse, put up with this costly and dangerous situation anymore!”

While it is unclear exactly how things will play out once the Central American caravans in Mexico actually reach the United States border, Trump appears to have put his foot down for the time being.