New Photo Of Lauren And Josiah Duggar Reveals No Visible Baby Bump, Or So It Seems

Maybe Lauren Duggar isn't pregnant after all.

Lauren and Josiah Duggar before they wed.
Duggar Family / Duggar Family Facebook

Maybe Lauren Duggar isn't pregnant after all.

Rumors of a possible first pregnancy for Lauren and Josiah Duggar have been looming ever since they wed in June. There hasn’t been any baby announcements just yet, despite the anticipation of another grandchild for Jim Bob and Michelle. That certainly hasn’t stopped fans from doing their best to spot a baby bump whenever any photos are posted. Now a recent snapshot of the couple has been shared and it may just be an indication as to whether they are expecting a little bundle of joy or not.

Duggar fans are constantly commenting on social media asking if Lauren is pregnant yet. It’s certainly not uncommon in the Duggar family to have a honeymoon baby or shortly after they wed. Previous photos had people a little suspicious of whether there was a bun in the oven. After all, wearing a sweater and a scarf definitely reveals that they are hiding something, according to the comments on their timeline. But now a new picture has emerged on their joint Instagram that may be a bit more revealing.

It is a photo of Josiah and Lauren that was posted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. It’s a part of their new “memories” album. Lauren is wearing a simple black dress and leaning her head on her husband’s chest as they are posing for the camera. Duggar fans are most likely eyeing her tummy to see if they can spy a baby bump at all. However, it sure doesn’t look like there is anything to see.

Now that doesn’t mean that she isn’t expecting their first child. Maybe she just hasn’t grown a baby bump yet, but Lauren Duggar looks about as slim as she was on her wedding day. Of course, the dark color could be concealing something.

Josiah and Lauren are keeping secrets and having fun keeping everyone guessing. That’s according to Hollywood Life, who says that one of their sources indicated that the reality TV couple are not spilling any pregnancy news just yet, even if she really is expecting. The newly married Duggar son is a known prankster, so he could very well be enjoying all of the speculation going around. It should be interesting to see how he and his bride will deliver any pregnancy news they may have down the road.

It appears that this Duggar couple will spill the beans whenever they feel is the right time to do so. In the meantime, fans are having fun speculating among themselves whenever they see a new photo pop up.

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