‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Josslyn Demands The Truth From Oscar

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Last week on General Hospital, Josslyn finally found out about Oscar being sick. Cameron spilled the beans to her, but it didn’t end well for him. Instead of being grateful that he told her the truth, she laid into him about lying to her for weeks. Now she is ready to confront the boy that has stolen her heart. How will he react when he finds out that she now knows exactly why he broke up with her?

In the General Hospital previews for Monday that was posted on Twitter, Joss tells Oscar to stop lying to her. It looks like he will do his best to keep up the charade that he has been playing with her. Joss is not having it. She wants him to tell her the truth. Once she confronts him about his sickness, he will be forced to tell her what has been going on. But that certainly doesn’t mean that he will want her back in his life. However, Josslyn is exactly like her mother. Carly is fiercely loyal and so is her daughter. Joss will do whatever it takes to stay by his side, no matter what happens to Oscar.

According to General Hospital spoilers in the recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, Joss will be finding out that there is actually a glimmer of hope in Oscar’s diagnosis. She will learn about the trial that Kim has been trying to get Oscar to agree to. That piece of information will lead Joss to convince Oscar to try it instead of watching him die.

If anyone can convince Oscar to do whatever it takes to save his life, it will be Josslyn. Kim had wanted to tell her about it a couple weeks ago as ammunition against her son, but she chose not to because she saw that Joss had moved on with Cam and was happy. Now that the whole truth will be out in the open, maybe Oscar will rethink his options.

It has been a battle for Drew and Kim, and a heartbreak for Joss thinking that Oscar just didn’t love her anymore. Unfortunately, Cameron has just experienced heartbreak since he has fallen for Oscar’s girl. He tried to be there for both Joss and Oscar, but it has landed him in hot water, and with a broken heart.

Many viewers were enjoying the pairing of Josslyn and Cameron, but it looks like she and Oscar will end up back together, especially if this trial works. Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if Oscar will listen to Joss.