Jinger Duggar Shares ‘Put Together’ Family Photo, Husband Jeremy Posts Not-So-Perfect Snap


Jinger Duggar decided to share a nice photo that was taken for their Thanksgiving family snapshot. She and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are seen standing in front of their house holding their baby girl Felicity. They were posing for the camera in what could be called the perfect picture. However, there seemed to be a bit of chaos before this one was snapped.

On Jeremy’s Instagram, he posted his own photo, which was a little different from his wife’s lovely picture. Instead of posing with their front door behind them, they are standing on their back patio with the fourth member of their family this time. Jeremy is holding their newly acquired kitty cat named Jacob. The feline doesn’t look too happy to be held, let alone posing for a picture.

Jinger Duggar is holding Felicity in the not-so-perfect photo. The four-month-old is staring over at her furry friend. She may be wondering what all the chaos is about, but she does look a bit amused by the whole thing. Jeremy explained that his photo wasn’t exactly the most together one compared to Jinger’s.

“Happy Thanksgiving! This was one—of many—attempts at a picture with all of us. If you’d like a “put together” family photo, please make your way over to @jingervuolo’s account.”

Hers is indeed a more “put together” snap, but the behind-the-scenes one is also quite fun. Duggar fans were amused by the whole thing. Most were excited that they were trying to include the cat as part of their family’s holiday photo. He was officially welcomed into the family about three months ago. He has a collar and tags, so Jacob is officially a Vuolo now.

While Jinger and Jeremy are wearing the same clothes in both photos, Felicity has gone from wearing a white embroidered dress in Jeremy’s pic to a more casual attire in her mom’s snapshot. She has on a pair of baby leggings and a flowery shirt. Her feet are shoeless, and she has another one headband with a big bow attached around her head. Some people are not big fans of the head coverings that Felicity seems to wear quite often. However, Jinger seems to love them, and Duggar fans are quick to defend her choices for her child.

These two photos prove that Jinger Duggar and her family are just like any other ordinary family, trying to capture that perfect holiday moment on camera. There will be more of the Vuolo’s life in Texas when Counting On returns for another season sometime next year.