Best Buy's Cyber Monday Sales Will Make The Most Of Your Holiday Shopping

Some Black Friday sales are still available at Best Buy and other monster retailers, but many shoppers are already turning their attention to upcoming Cyber Monday deals. The Monday after Thanksgiving has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and all signs point toward that being the case in 2018 as well.

Electronics retailer Best Buy is known for having some fantastic Cyber Monday deals available each season, and some early teasers indicate that the trend will continue this. Forbes has analyzed what the retailer featured for 2017's Cyber Monday and has forecasted what may come into play this time around.

First, it is expected that Best Buy will offer free standard shipping on all orders as a Cyber Monday shopping bonus. In addition, the retailer is expected to repeat many of the Black Friday deals it hyped this past week. The official Best Buy Cyber Monday advertising should be released sometime this weekend, but for those who like to plan ahead, there are some key items that likely will be promoted.

The Samsung Galaxy Note with activation will likely come with a steep discount, and this will probably apply to the 9, S9, and S9+ versions. Those looking for televisions will surely have several deals to choose from, with Samsung, LG, and Insignia discounting their 4K displays over this past week.

The Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracker will likely be marked down, as will the Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera. For gamers, shoppers can scope out the Best Buy Cyber Monday deals for the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Kart Deluxe Bundle, likely to be priced at $299.99, along with the Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Gold Rush Special Edition Battlefield V Bundle for about $70 off.

Another popular item this holiday season is the Apple HomePod, and CNet notes that it's $100 off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The retailer is also expected to continue to offer the Apple Watch Series 3 in some colors at an impressive price of $199, while inventory remains available.

The Best Buy website is teasing that their Cyber Monday deals will be effective on both Sunday, November 25, as well as Monday, November 26. Those with an account with the site can get an early sneak peek at the upcoming deals, and they note that some of the planned deals will be available all week long.

Computers, appliances, televisions, smart home devices, and tablets will all be priced competitively and the retailer will likely rake in monster sales this season. Will Best Buy's Cyber Monday deals for the 2018 shopping season be enticing enough to lure customers away from other retailers? More information about the slated deals will be divulged as the clock ticks down.