‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Will Have A Shorter Season And Some Changes With NBC Move

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Add Brooklyn Nine-Nine to such iconic fan-favorite shows as Star Trek and Family Guy, series that were snatched back from cancellation. Fox may be done with the Andy Samberg-led cop comedy, but NBC is happy to give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a home. Just be prepared for some aspects of the show to look a little different now that it’s part of a totally different network.

NBC initially ordered just 13 episodes of the comedy, a huge decrease from the 20-something episode seasons Brooklyn Nine-Nine enjoyed at Fox in the past. NBC has upped its order to 18 episodes for Season 6, according to Hollywood Reporter, but it’s still a shorter season than any other in series history.

With the return of the series just over a month away, fans are wondering what they can expect now that the Nine-Nine calls NBC home.

The most obvious change is the show’s air date. After years of being a successful fall series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will not return to TV until January. This is going to make the Halloween episode horribly out of season.

But show creators have confirmed that, of course, they’re doing a Halloween episode. Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have come to expect the entire cast to get up to hi-jinks and mayhem for the fall holiday, and this year will be no different — except Halloween will happen in winter.

This season, the show will put a lot of attention on character Rosa Diaz (played by Stephanie Beatriz), who came out in Season 5 as bisexual. However, she may not continue dating the character played by Gina Rodriguez. Show creators have said they “are in conversations with her” about a possible return to the series, according to Vulture. But since Rodriguez is the star of her own show (Jane the Virgin), her schedule is pretty packed.

The new Brooklyn Nine-Nine will also focus on more serious issues for Season 6. Show creators say they’re “really interested” in doing a #MeToo storyline.

Show regular Terry Crews came out with his own #MeToo story in 2017, which may provide some inspiration for B99 writers in the upcoming season.

One huge change fans can expect is the absence of one Gina Linetti, played by Chelsea Peretti. The actress announced via Twitter that she “won’t be doing a full season” of the series, according to NME.

“That doesn’t mean I won’t ever be back,” she said.

Gina’s character will make an onscreen exit from the series, which cast member Melissa Fumero (a.k.a. Amy Santiago) says will be “f***ing epic.”

“It’s such a great Gina episode. Her grand finale is with Amy and Rosa…as it should be,” Fumero said.

Show creators say there are no “substantial” changes to the series, as NBC likes Brooklyn Nine-Nine exactly as it is. Even the theme song will be the same.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be on NBC starting January 10.