Kelly Osbourne Shares Her Advice On How To Stay Sober And Avoid Temptation This Christmas Season

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

The holidays are a season for enjoyment and over indulging. For some this overindulgent season can come with drastic consequences. This can be a difficult time of year to remain sober, but with the help of family and friends sobriety can be made a lot easier. TV personality Kelly Osbourne has officially made it to the one-year mark of being sober. She is now hoping to help others with similar struggles by offering them a few of her own tips and tricks.

According to Page 6, her biggest advice is to know your limitations. If you have been invited somewhere in which you know you will face temptations, take yourself out of the situation and make other plans. If you unexpectedly find yourself in a situation where you’re uncomfortable or feel temptation or peer pressure creeping in, call a friend to pick you up. Whatever you do, don’t remain in a situation in which you would have even the chance of possibly giving into a craving.

“Stay close to your sober community and know your limitations,” Osbourne said. “If you’re uncomfortable, you always have to have a backup plan to leave the situation and have some form of self-care to where you can step out of it.” By making sure you always have a backup plan in place, you won’t have to worry about being in an environment that is testing your self-control.

Osbourne also recommends surrounding yourself with other people who are also sober. They will understand the struggles you are going through, and have potentially experienced the same feelings in the past. By involving yourself in a sober community, you’ll be able to have a group of people to turn to for support or simply a night out that doesn’t include alcohol.

Osbourne says that she knows from experience that boredom can be catastrophic for someone trying to stay on the right track of sobriety. To avoid boredom, she recommends trying out new hobbies and keeping yourself busy. The star personally uses an app called Loosid, to find other people in her community who are living a sober lifestyle. This is a great way to connect with people going through a similar struggle. “One of the hardest parts about being newly sober is deciding what to do with your free time,” she said. “Being bored can be dangerous. Finding people on the app to do things in your area is great — dating, yoga coffee — it’s all there.”