After More Than Month Away From The Links, Donald Trump Back To The Golf Course During Stay At Luxury Resort

Leon NealGetty Images

After more than a month away from the golf course, Donald Trump is back with a pair of outings during his weekend vacation at his luxury resort in Florida.

During the months of October and November, the president took an unusually long break from golfing that started to raise some concerns about his physical health. After golfing at a rate of nearly three rounds a week through the first several months of his presidency, Trump suddenly stayed home on most weekends. According to the website Trump Golf Count, he went golfing only two times in October and did not golf at all in November until arriving at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida this week for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The streak ended on Wednesday when Trump hit the links with golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

As the Washington Post noted, Trump only had one other stretch in which he refrained from golfing at a similar rate, a break during the summer of 2017.

“That hiatus overlapped with a series of hurricanes striking the United States,” the report noted. “The most recent break? It overlapped with the tail end of the midterm campaign season when Trump held a series of rallies around the country to bolster Republican Senate candidates. (Results were mixed.)”

The current no-golf streak did coincide with one of the busiest political periods for Trump since taking office. He hit the campaign trail hard in an effort to help Republican candidates heading into the midterms, including several a day in the final week leading into Election Day.

But Trump’s break from golf was so unusually long that some speculated he could be he might be suffering from some kind of undisclosed health ailment. Per. Inquisitr, this speculation intensified when Trump skipped out on a series of planned public appearances around Veterans Day weekend, including a trip to a cemetery in France to pay respect to American soldiers who died in World War I.

“Normally, if a president had to miss several official ceremonies in a row, especially ones that honor veterans, we’d question whether he’s in the midst of a health scare,” wrote Salon writer Bob Cesca. “With Trump, we correctly write it off as the president just being a d**k.”

But Donald Trump now appears to be back on his regular golf schedule, with two rounds already in the three days he and family have been at the Mar-a-Lago resort for a Thanksgiving vacation weekend.