Amid Speculation About Donald Trump's Health, Potentially Worrying Sign Emerges -- He Hasn't Golfed In A Month

Donald Trump's decision to skip a planned visit to a cemetery to pay respects to fallen U.S. troops during his trip to France and his sharp cutback of public appearances have kicked up speculation that he may be suffering some kind of unrevealed health ailment.

Now, some believe there is another potentially worrying sign about the president's health -- he hasn't gone golfing in more than a month.

Trump's health has always been a source of mystery, dating back to the 2016 campaign, when his doctor produced an unusually glowing letter praising Trump's health (written in language many believed sounded like Trump himself) despite the fact that Trump was visibly overweight and talked openly about getting little sleep and often eating fast food. As NPR noted, Trump's doctor admitted earlier this year that Trump himself dictated the letter.

That led Trump to undergo a physical from White House doctor Ronnie Jackson, but this generated even more controversy when it claimed that Trump was in excellent health and that he was not obese --- by just a single pound. This led people to take to the internet, posting pictures of athletes and celebrities who were the same dimensions Trump claimed to be, which seemed to prove that the report lied about his weight.

New speculation about Donald Trump's health during his recent trip to France for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War I ending. After Trump skipped a cemetery visit on a rainy day and chose not to join other world leaders for a short walk to the Arc de Triomphe, some questioned whether he could be suffering an unrevealed health ailment that was forcing him out of the public eye.

"Normally, if a president had to miss several official ceremonies in a row, especially ones that honor veterans, we'd question whether he's in the midst of a health scare," wrote Salon writer Bob Cesca. "With Trump, we correctly write it off as the president just being a d**k."
Others noted a strange sign from Donald Trump. After golfing at a rate of more than two rounds per week throughout the first 20 months of his presidency, Trump abruptly stopped at the end of the summer and now has gone more than a full month without hitting the links. According to the website Trump Golf Count, after going golfing 16 times in August he went just six times in September and only twice in October. His last golf outing was on October 15.

While some of this did correspond with Donald Trump increasing his presence on the campaign trail to help Republican candidates ahead of midterms, he has not returned to the golf course in 10 days since Election Day. By contrast, he went golfing 10 times last October and six times last November.