WWE News: Roman Reigns’ Battle With Leukemia Is Going To Be Used More In Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins Feud


Weeks ago, Roman Reigns came out and let the entire world know that his battle with leukemia had returned and that he would be relinquishing the WWE Universal Championship. Since that time, his brothers in The Shield have blown up on one another and they are at odds on Monday Night Raw. As the feud between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins continues, their brother’s battle against a serious illness will be used in their storyline.

The same night that Reigns revealed he would be stepping away from the ring for a while, Ambrose and Rollins won the Raw Tag Team Championship. Moments after that win, Ambrose turned heel, destroying his partner and he’d keep his reasoning for the betrayal secret for weeks after that.

This past week, Ambrose finally let the world know why he had attacked Seth Rollins and what led to him turning his back on The Shield. Ambrose said that he was going to have to pay for his actions when part of the “Hounds of Justice” and the same would have to happen to Rollins.

After that, Ambrose went a step farther and said Roman Reigns was already paying for his actions.

“We’re all gonna get what we deserve. I mean, look at Roman. For Roman’s part and what Roman did in The Shield, he has to answer to the man upstairs. But what’s worse…is you have to answer to me.”

Yes, Ambrose actually said that Reigns’ battle with leukemia was due to his actions in The Shield, and it drew a lot of anger from the fans, but it’s far from over.

wwe news roman reigns leukemia shield dean ambrose seth rollins feud
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Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., is reporting that this won’t be the last time the fans hear Roman Reigns’ battle with leukemia brought up. As a matter of fact, it is going to keep being used in the feud between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, but he hasn’t yet been determined as to how often.

It may be needless to say, but the fans weren’t overly receptive to Ambrose when he brought up Reigns and saying that he’d have to answer to God for what he had done. Some found it to be in rather poor taste, even for a heel in WWE.

It’s not known just how long or how much WWE will have Roman Reigns brought up in their feud, but fans could hear it a few more times in the coming weeks. Seth Rollins will put his WWE Intercontinental Championship on the line against Dean Ambrose at TLC on December 16, 2018.

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At this time, there is no stipulation assigned to their match, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see one added before TLC in mid-December. Dean Ambrose is the clear heel here and him using Roman Reigns’ leukemia battle as a weapon is cementing his status as the bad guy. The fans are clearly on the side of Seth Rollins, but if the company exploits Reigns’ illness too much, the fans may turn on WWE.