These Belligerent Turkeys Are Exacting Some Hilarious Thanksgiving Revenge

As many of us sit down and have some turkey and dressing this Thanksgiving, probably not a whole lot of thought is given to the bird that almost became the national bird – other than their meat is really juicy when it's slathered with gravy, that is.

However, the tasty birds with the iconic plumage can do some damage when they are provoked. Nonetheless, not all turkeys are bad – just some of them. But, when some of them do turn bad, you better watch out because some violent human/animal interactions are known to occur.

For this Thanksgiving, check out these highly unusual, funny and slightly terrifying videos of turkeys turning the tables against people who had no idea what they were getting themselves into,

'Go Away, Terrible Tom Turkey!'

For some reason, turkeys seem to dislike reporters. Maybe it's all the "fake news" they hear about. News10 producer Duffy Kelly found that out the hard way when she went out for a first-hand look at "Terrible Tom." Terrible Tom is a wild turkey that wreaked havoc on an Arden area neighborhood for a time, and Kelly doesn't seem too concerned about him at the beginning of the clip. After all, what harm can one turkey do?

Her reaction while her and the camera person back away from the menacing Tom Turkey advancing on them is priceless.

These Turkeys Do It 'Every Day'

Turkeys apparently hate mailmen, too, if this case of domestic terrorism is any indication. That being said, neither rain, snow, nor a group of crazed turkeys stopped this Falmouth mailman from delivering the mail. According to this postal worker, who probably thought the only thing he had to worry about was an occasional dog, these rogue gobblers stalk him "every day."

You Talkin' To Me?

If turkeys see their reflection in a window or vehicle's hubcaps, duck for cover because they often become extremely aggressive. For instance, check out the 'tude on this fancy male when he catches a glimpse of himself in a mirror.

He at first displays his plumage and struts back and forth in front of the apparent "stranger" that's decided to get too close and challenge him. After he's had enough, he attacks the surface viciously a few times and makes viewers glad they aren't that window.

Unarmed and Dangerous

A Pennsylvania man posted a photo to his Facebook account that showed a turkey the locals named Stu chasing and attacking vehicles. Stu apparently has issues with authority figures, too, according to UPI, and the creature the neighborhood considered a local pet was caught on camera exacting its wrath on policemen by running after them and attacking their cruiser for several minutes.