Barron Trump Makes His First Public Appearance In Four Months, And He Might Already Be Taller Than Donald

Alex WongGetty Images

Barron Trump has apparently only been doing one thing in the four months he’s been out of the spotlight — growing.

On Tuesday, the First Son made his first public appearance since August as he and his parents boarded Marine One to head down to Mar-a-Lago to celebrate Thanksgiving. As the Daily Mail noted, the last time Barron had made a public appearance was on a family trip to Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey, resort at the very end of the summer, and this week he looked even taller than he had been before.

The visit came after Barron skipped out on a pair of events that normally featured the whole Trump family, the Daily Mail noted.

“Barron Trump was nowhere to be seen earlier in the day when President Trump pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey,” the report noted. “He was also absent from Monday’s arrival of the White House Christmas tree.”

That isn’t all that unusual given that Melania Trump has taken efforts to keep Barron out of the spotlight. After Donald Trump’s surprising win in the 2016 presidential election, she chose to stay behind in New York City for several months so that Barron could complete his school year without having to move. He has made only a handful of public appearances since moving to the White House late last year.

After Barron’s appearance, all that most people could talk about was just how enormously the already tall 12-year-old had grown. As Barron walked side-by-side with his mom toward Marine One he appeared to be nearly the same height as his dad (or taller depending on the angle of the picture).

Just how tall that would make Barron Trump remains in question. Donald Trump was listed on his official physical as 6-foot-3, but that had been quite contentious. Many believed that Trump lied about both his weight and his height to avoid admitting that he is obese, and a photo of Trump standing next to Canadian leader Justin Trudeau appears to give credence to that theory.

The picture, taken from the G7 summit earlier this summer, shows Trump standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Canadian prime minister, and Trudeau looked to be at least a good inch taller than Trump. Trudeau is listed as 6-foot-2.

But even if Donald Trump is somewhere closer to 6-foot-1 or even an even 6-feet-tall, that would still make Barron Trump enormously tall for his age — and likely on track to surpass his dad sometime very soon.