‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Might Have Dumped Ashley Jacobs, For Now

Paul CheneyBravo TV

The timing of the sudden break-up of former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel and his Season 6 plus one wasn’t passing the sniff test for many fans of the Bravo show, but now new information is surfacing that makes it sound like the two have really broken things off, at least for now. Ravenel is facing a less than peaceful holiday season, and he just didn’t think that his girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, understood the trouble he is facing.

Us Weekly says that Instagram followers of Jacobs thought that the public dumping of the hospice nurse on the social media platform was out of the blue, but sources around Ravenel says it’s been coming for some time as the ex-politician’s legal teams have warned him that the smack talk about Kathryn Dennis, the mother of Ravenel’s children, has to stop, and Jacobs couldn’t or wouldn’t leave the current star of Southern Charm alone on social media and around Charleston.

Sources say that the outing to the Charleston Steeplechase was the last public outing for Ravenel and Jacobs, and Sunday, the day of the event, things got off to a rough start despite the smiles in the photos. Ravenel reportedly didn’t want to go to the outing which is a day of steeplechase racing and bourbon, and that started the day badly.

Both Ravenel and Jacobs put on a happy face, according to attendees of the steeplechase event, but by the time the former politician got home to Daniel Island, he was officially dumping Jacobs very publicly on Instagram, stating that he wants nothing to do with her, and hopes she can get the professional help she needs.

“I totally disavow this horrendous behavior and will have nothing to do with her. So hateful. Hope she gets help.”

But this is not the first public tantrums fans have witnessed, so it makes sense that people aren’t buying it, especially when Ravenel quickly deleted the post. But a lot has changed since the last public break-up this summer. Ravenel is now facing legal action on multiple fronts, and the criminal case that he thought was going to be dismissed is proceeding to trial.

Ravenel is also being taken back to court in a custody matter by Kathryn Dennis who wants custody of their two children, Kensie and Saint. Dennis filed the demand for custody in part due to Ravenel’s reckless lifestyle and the unpredictable behavior of Jacobs, who the mother of the children sees as a threat to herself and the children.

Jacobs, who now no longer lives in the one bedroom apartment that Ravenel was renting for her, has moved in with a roommate to share the costs, posted on Instagram the next day that she was having “the best day ever” which confused her social media followers, says the Hollywood Gossip.

Her Instagram followers bombarded her on her page with questions.

“Why is Thomas all of [the] sudden turning on you?”

“He filled your head with so much hate,” the fan points out. “But yet now he’s saying it’s all you.”

“I would get as far as you can from that man.”

But Jacobs kept unusually calm and confirmed the breakup.

“Thomas and I aren’t together. I wish him the best though.”

Ravenel had a short appearance hearing in Charleston on Friday as the court clerk determines the date of the next hearing in his sexual assault case filed by the former family nanny. The custody matter is also in the works, as are two civil matters so far.

Jacobs’ Instagram followers are trying to console her, telling her that she is better off.

“He has proven time and time again that he is a narcissist and disgusting human being.”