Martha Stewart Shares Nightmare First Uber Experience On Social Media: ‘The Car Was A Mess Inside And Out’

Denis ContrerasGetty Images

Martha Stewart decided to follow in the footsteps of millions of other Americans and travel via Uber. But unfortunately for her, it didn’t really go as planned.

The 77-year-old took to her Instagram account to share the nightmarish first experience that she had when trying out the ride sharing service in New York City. Stewart was in the Big Apple to film a Thanksgiving segment for the Today Show, and decided to give Uber a shot after filming wrapped. According to the lifestyle expert, many things went awry with her first ride — and she didn’t shy away from sharing the details with her 300,000-plus Instagram followers.

“My very first Uber! I ordered the most expensive version to pick me up on Fifth Avenue and 57th street in front of Tiffany’s The first Uber did not show up. The second Uber came ten minutes later and parked halfway down 57th street where I could not see the license plate.”

“Then we were facing east when I had to go west and south Took twenty minutes to face south west Etc etc it only took a bit more than one hour On top of it all the car was a mess inside and out!!!!!!!!” she continued. “And I want Uber to succeed!”

Along with the lengthy caption of the post, Stewart also shared some photos of the inside of the vehicle, which was covered with both dirt and leaves. One photo also shows two half-empty water bottles on the side of the door. So far, Stewart’s post has earned her a lot of attention — garnering over 11,000 likes in addition to 2,400 comments.

Some fans commented to let Martha know that they have never had such a bad experience with Uber before, despite riding it many times. Other users urged Martha to report the driver to Uber.

“That’s terrible, we have taken hundreds of ubers, never had a car so messy!”

“Every Uber I’ve ridden in has been crazy clean. You just got a dud. The pick up however, that’s life, the struggle is real,” another wrote.

“Martha worked very hard for her success, so why cant she be mad that a service wasnt [sic] up to the price paid,” one more chimed in.

This is not the first time that Stewart has made headlines for her social media use in recent weeks. As the Inquisitr shared, Martha replied to a comment on her Instagram page after one of her followers told her that she was “too old” to be riding a bike.

“I feel sorry for you if you think I am too old to bicycle I keep in excellent shape by doing many outdoor and indoor exercises and activities,” Stewart clapped back.

At 77-years-old, Martha still seems to be super-savvy in many realms of lived experience.